The high-volume benchmark.

The LITHOMAN is a worldwide leader in the high-quality, high-volume segment. With its state-of-the-art drive technology, over 350 LITHOMAN systems are at work today, printing magazines, catalogs, directories, and advertising supplements. From 32 to 80 pages, in short or long grain: the LITHOMAN’s productivity helps to establish web offset printing among a growing group of gravure printers. The LITHOMAN is designed for the industrial printing of magazines and catalogs with medium to high numbers of pages and smallest to high-volume print run.

Features & Advantages

LITHOMAN long grain

Number of pages: 32/48

  • Max. rev./h.: up to 37,500
  • Max. web width long grain: 965/1,460(mm) or 38/57 inch
  • Blanket: conventional
  • Additional equipment: APL, automation features, DynaChange, all Inline Control systems

Number of pages: 32/48/64/72/80

  • Max. rev./h.: up to 50,000
  • Max. web width long grain: 965 or 1,000/1,460/1,905/1,980 or 2,060/2,250 (mm). 38 or 39/57/75/78 oder 81/89 (inch)
  • Blanket: conventional
  • Additional equipment: APL, automation features, DynaChange,all Inline Control systems

Features & Advantages

LITHOMAN short grain

Number of pages: 32/40

  • rev./h: 60,000
  • web width: 1,260 or 1,320/1,540 (mm). 50 or 52/61 (inch)
  • Blanket: conventional
  • Additional equipment:  all Inline Control Systems

Number of pages: 48/56/64

  • Max. rev./h: up to 70,000
  • Max. web width: 1,905 or 1,980 or 2,380/2,640 (mm). 75 or 78 or 94/104 (inch)
  • Blanket: Sleeve
  • Additional equipment: APL, automation features, DynaChange, all Inline Control Systems

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