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Our deep experience in web offset lithography shines through in VARIOMAN which is quickly becoming the world’s leading offset and hybrid printing system for packaging printers.  Further fueled by our experienced service, engineering, and parts teams, no one else has the breadth and experience that we do to help every facet of your business, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

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VARIOMAN enables packaging printers to satisfy brand owners, operate more efficiently and
sustainably, and be better positioned for the future
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A Better Approach to Service, Maintenance, and Support
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How manroland GOSS’s customized, consultative approach to engineered solutions is helping
manufacturers and industrial companies extend the life and increase the performance of their equipment.
Pneumatic upgrade exceeded expected performance expectations on this flexo press project
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Our team of engineers develop custom solutions that allow you to increase performance or differentiate yourself from your competition. We will breathe new life into your equipment as it ages by eliminating obsolescence with the latest technology and features. What’s more, our expertise and experience is transferable across various industries, and all makes and models.
From emergency repairs to proactive maintenance, our team of experts are here to support your specific needs. Backed by over 250 engineers, a network of industrial suppliers, and our team of parts specialists, our team has the readiness to serve and expertise to provide professional, efficient, and effective support 24/7/365.
With the largest inventory of printing and industrial parts in the Americas, our team of professionals are ready to support you around the clock. Offering high quality parts and components, we provide the right part, when you need it, at the right price.
manroland Goss web systems has based the VARIOMAN f:line on its decades of experience in offset printing and has connected this with the most modern automation.
The VARIOMAN c:line prints cardboard and paper with a thickness of 100 to 700 µ. It guarantees high print quality at low production costs.
The VARIOMAN b:line with its variable-cut offset printing units in combination with a fully variable folding system for book printing small to medium batch sizes.

manroland Goss - A New Dimension for Package Printing

In this WEB-SESSION you will learn about the chances and advantages of web offset technology for packaging printing. In addition to clear cost-saving potentials, we also show you important sustainability aspects. Furthermore, we want to give you more insights, like for example answers to quality issues or the status of the ROSA project.
The animation for the VARIOMAN project ROSA impressively shows the overall system layout of GPD Foodpackaging’s new packaging printing center.
manroland Goss web systems presents a new dimension for packaging printing. In this short presentation, we will explore the challenges, requirements, and our solutions for the packaging printing industry. There is a new technology for packaging printing that goes far beyond all used printing procedures. This technology offers significant cost advantages for run lengths from 3000 to 100000 square meters and perfectly meets the trend for most production batches.

Packaging Printers

We are the one-stop solutions partner for packaging printers and packaging converters.  From leading web offset equipment to a broad array of aftermarket solutions, manroland Goss has the depth and breadth to support your unique needs.

Our long history in web offset printing has realized our latest innovation. VARIOMAN is the most advanced, automated, and integrated printing solution available to the packaging industry.  With over 100 years of technological refinement, VARIOMAN produces the highest quality print at record-breaking speeds.

Our deep integration of components and automation of the entire process makes VARIOMAN the most efficient and sustainable production solution available.  Intelligent presetting and process automation minimizes operator tasks, and our closed-loop controls simultaneously adjusts all quality parameters to ensure exceptional quality throughout the production with minimal waste.

As an OEM and technological leader in the printing industry, you can be assured that we have learned a thing or two about supporting your business.  The same expertise that engineered and supports VARIOMAN, supports you regardless of the original manufacturer.  Our knowledge is transferable to all makes and models, and our team of leading specialists are available and ready to support all your needs.

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