Press Relocation

GWS Printing Systems (GWS), the manroland Goss subsidiary for press relocations and used equipment, just finished a successful relocation project of a commercial LITHOMAN press in the Netherlands in record time.

In the course of certain changes in the media landscape of the Netherlands, Thom Ringsma, owner of the renowned magazine printer Habo da Costa based in the city of Vianen took the opportunity to restart a closed location in Doetinchem for strengthening his printing business. At the same time, the assets of a printing plant in Weert were taken over by Ringsma, whereby GWS Printing Systems, the manroland Goss partner for used equipment and worldwide professional partner for press relocations, was contracted to sell the equipment on behalf of his holding company. In the scope of this project, a used LITHOMAN 72-pages sited at Weert was chosen to be moved to Doetinchem to start the production there. As the business plans of Ringsma were very tight, the decision to also opt for GWS as the right partner to handle this was made very quickly.

Due to an extraordinary team work between the Senefelder Misset Doetinchem B.V. team and the GWS crew, a relocation in record time was enabled. In a period of just over four months, the press was up and running again at the Doetinchem plant. The start-up and training at the new location was performed by the specialists from manroland Goss Augsburg under the project management of the GWS colleagues based in Waalwijk.

“This relocation project was a best-practice example for good team work within the manroland Goss group”, Thom Ringsma summarized.

In the meantime, Senefelder Misset Doetinchem has decided to also contract manroland Goss for a TeleSupport service of their LITHOMAN presses in Doetinchem.