Pneumatic upgrade exceeded expected performance expectations on this flexo press project

While the flexographic process is relatively simple, the process requires consistent process controls to ensure quality and performance consistency.

One of our packaging customers recently came to us looking for support in resolving challenges they were experiencing with one of their flexographic presses. While the press was not originally manufactured by manroland Goss, our engineering and process competency positioned us well to solve the problems they were experiencing.

Upon review of the issues, our engineers designed a sustainable solution that replaced worn parts and utilized new technologies to ensure the press was well-supported to print for many more years to come.

Air leaks and air pressure variations were impacting the performance of air cylinders and linear screws. The original system didn’t adequately regulate pressure and along with air line leaks, many of the critical press settings could not achieve or maintain consistent pressure.  This impacted print quality, resulting in high waste and poor overall performance.

We replaced the pneumatic air lines, pressure gauges, and regulators, and installed rapid-vent valves to eliminate binding and provide consistent and reliable performance. The addition of a metal enclosure provided extra protection ensuring the pressure gauges and regulators are protected from environmental contaminants and continue to work at peak condition.  Following the install, we set the press back to specification.  We trained the crews how to maintain the settings to ensure continued quality and output performance.

Press performance and print quality far exceeded this packaging producers expectations, further extending the equipment’s life-cycle and value within their organization.

Solution Features:

  • Replaced pneumatic system to latest technology
  • Improved maintenance and operational procedures
  • Significantly increased quality consistency
  • Positively impacted press output

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