Insert-Clamping Adapter for MGWS Reel Splicer

Due to the current market situation, it is difficult to buy the right sleeves with the right inner diameter, which means that you are usually limited to certain sizes when using paper rolls.
Shop now and use the paper rolls with 6-inch sleeves instead of the paper rolls with 3-inch sleeves!

New Insert-clamping adapter for the use of reels with 6-inch sleeves.
Installation location: Reel core
With the brand-new 6-inch clamping adapter (70.00014-7498) you can easily use reels with
6-inch sleeves instead of reels with 3-inch sleeves.


  • Higher flexibility
  • Great price
  • OEM quality
  • Simple application

* For inserting into the sleeve. Do not slide onto the chuck! If the adapter is pushed onto the chuck, the sleeve will be damaged when a new reel is loaded on the splicer.

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