FILTER RETROFIT KIT for hand drum pump

If contamination gets into the grease lubrication lines when filling the grease reservoirs on the grease pumps of your press, the grease lubrication is interrupted and press downtimes can be triggered! With our newly developed filter retrofit kit you can prevent this!

Our new filter retrofit kits for all manroland commercial web presses.

Installation location: hand drum pump for filling the grease pumps in the printing unit
/ folding unit.

The filter retrofit kit was developed to stop pollution in the grease lubrication circuit of the printing / folding units. This prevents blockages in the grease lines and interrupted grease lubrication.

Better quality. Attractive price.


  • Reduced contamination of grease lines, prevention of clogging
  • Best possible reduction of grease lubrication-related machine downtimes
  • OEM quality
  • Attractive price

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