Diverter Cam

We have optimized the production for the product diverter cam and could thereby achieve a significant cost saving. We would like to share this price reduction with you. Order now and benefit from a price reduction of up to 50%!

Diverter cam cost optimization
For the LITHOMAN printing press
Installation location: Folder / diverter
Due to an optimization in production, we were able to achieve a cost saving and now offer the
splitting cam (16.22034-0189 / 16.22034-0191) up to 50% cheaper.

Function of the diverter cam:

The splitting cam is part of the splitting device and ensures that the product slides into the upper belt line when engaged and into the lower line when not engaged.It is recommended to always order a complete set consisting of 8x 16.22034-0189 and 2x 16.22034-0191.


  • Significant cost savings reduction of 50%
  • OEM quality
  • Availability: Ex stock

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