DIGIPACKS Refurbishment & Exchange from a single source

Do you currently have your digipacks refurbished by freelancers or do you do the maintenance yourself without having the original technical documentation? Thanks to our new Refurbished Digipacks production line, you benefit from a professional repair service from one source!

Refurbished Digipacks for newspaper presses with digipacks from manroland Goss.

We refurbish your digipacks in OEM quality. All wear parts are replaced and all components are brought up to today‘s technology level. There are no additional costs for improving performance and stability. The best part: We exchange your digipack immediately with an already refurbished product. For a fast delivery!

Better quality & availability.


  • High maintenance quality
  • Detailed examination of the electronics
  • Sources of error are reduced to a minimum
  • Optimal throughput behavior
  • Short delivery time & attractive price

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