Cutting Optimization

Installation location: Folder

Through a rebuild with the use of raised groove bars and improved Vulkollan bars as well as fine-cutting knives, we were able to optimize the cutting process.

The use of high-quality components not only allows for a longer service life of the parts due to less wear. In addition, there is a qualitative improvement of the end product.

Better quality. Longer service life.

Cutting Optimization:

70.00015-6062 suitable for BT-folder
70.00015-6064 suitable for ROTOMAN-folder (2:3:3)
70.00015-6065 suitable for MT-folder



  • Higher cutting quality
  • Less dust accumulation
  • Less loop formation
  • Higher quality by dot stitch
  • Better web tension in front of cutting
  • Longer service life of cutting knife, pins, and cutting rubber bar

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