Industrial Solutions

As the world continues to change, so do the needs of our customers.  Today, there are fewer and fewer companies available to support existing equipment obsolescence, refurbishments, and services.  manroland Goss is here for you and we are introducing a new business unit, Industrial Solutions, within our Americas Organization.  So what does that mean exactly?  The focus of this group is to utilize our existing engineering team to support you with all your industrial machine needs.   Not only will we continue to fully support your legacy manroland, Harris, Heidelberg and Goss press, bindery, and mailroom products, we will now attend to all your industrial machinery needs. Our engineering staff of over 30 mechanical and electrical engineers are here to help, together they have the experience required to improve the performance and reliability of all your industrial machine equipment.
manroland Goss has been a leader in press controls, drives and mechanical upgrades for quite some time. We will now bring those same skill sets to all areas of your facility. As you face maintenance and obsolescence issues with any area of your business, we want to hear about it. You may not be able to source parts for that old PLC or DC drive, or perhaps you have a custom machine designed by a company that is long gone…if so give us a call, we can help keep it running at peak performance.

Think of manroland Goss as an on demand engineering firm who knows you and your business and can assist with all your facility upgrade needs. We are no longer just a great press manufacturer and enhancement specialist; we are now offering those same services and engineering talents across your entire facility. 
Below are examples of services we can provide for all types of Industrial Equipment:

– Electrical Controls and Drives Obsolescence Issues
– Electrical Upgrades of all types – Operator Interfaces, PC’s, PLC’s, AC/DC Drives
– Custom machinery design for those unusual applications
– Mechanical Engineering and Custom Parts Services 
– Equipment Relocations and Commissioning Services
– Level, Aligning, and Tramming Services for all Industrial Equipment
– Expert Witness Services
– Insurance equipment evaluations due to fire, flood, or other disasters
– Custom Repair of that equipment which has been damaged due to a disaster
– Project Engineering Services – to assist in managing your internal projects
– Maintenance coverage for vacations, holidays or just a lack of internal resources

We intend to provide our customers with a reliable, long-standing resource they can count on to support their entire facility…a true Industrial Solutions provider.
Give us a call at (603) 749-6600 or visit our website for more information.