Virtual Private Network Security Upgrade

Protect Your VPN Security with the Latest Upgrade From the manroland Goss Engineering Solutions Group.

manroland Goss has been made aware of vulnerabilities in Cisco’s older security appliances, including the PIX and ASA firewall models that manroland Goss had previously used for Remote Support VPN solution.

Many of these devices are not capable of being patched with the latest security firmware from Cisco and must be replaced due to system vulnerability.

For this reason, manroland Goss has prepared an upgrade kit for the affected device (the “plant firewall”), utilizing the latest available compatible hardware. The kit can be installed in a matter of minutes and will continue to provide the same high level of Remote Support capabilities while addressing the security vulnerabilities.

The Virtual Private Network Security Upgrade consists of:

  • One (1) replacement plant firewall upgrade kit.
  • Engineering support to program and verify the software of the included components.
    This includes migrating your existing, custom configuration to the replacement device.
  • Installation instructions / documentation.
  • The purchaser is responsible for the physical installation of the upgrade kit.
  • Up to four (4) hours of remote manroland Goss Engineering support is included during
    purchaser installation. On-site installation by manroland Goss is not included in the
    package pricing.

All other existing components can be reused, with no modification or cabling changes necessary.

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