LMI TQM and selective TQM

  • In-trimmer or On Mailtable types, with single copy or Variable trim styles to choose from.
  • Reliable trim quality monitoring is extremely accurate at all speeds.
  • Immune to chain surging, uneven chain lugs, or paper scraps. Fast, simple make-ready via touchscreen.
  • Touch screen allows simple set-up and adjustments with a history file to see why books are being rejected. Multiple outputs available as to why the book is being rejected for data collection systems. User Programmable output available to operate a remote device for good/bad books such as a reject device or book marker.
  • Very heavy duty construction with all internal electronics exposes NO wiring or optics that typically gets damaged otherwise.- Smart software allows one-time learn setup, and uses both physical and electronic means to overcome common weaknesses found in other TQM’s.

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