Drive and Controls Upgrade Order From The Dingley Press

Replace obsolete drives and control systems with the latest off-the-shelf components.

June 2023

Lisbon, ME


manroland Goss’ Engineered Solutions took center stage with professional execution and a predictable outcome during our recent M3000 drive and controls upgrade order.

The existing GE DC drives were replaced with the latest Siemens Simotion AC drives and the existing TI PLC CPU’s were replaced with new Siemens S7 PLC’s. To limit cost, downtime, and disruption, we utilized the existing and supported I/O and electrical cabinets. The original HGC & TeleColor consoles were also upgraded to include all of the latest Omnicon & Omnicolor features and provide new automation benefits and waste reduction features. We also installed a new VPN network to provide 24/7/365 remote support to the press.

We believe attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures a predictable outcome. That’s why we go the extra mile to intensively plan, test, and execute every project.

During our discussions with The Dingley Press it became apparent that minimizing press downtime during their drive and controls retrofit was very important to them. We recognized an opportunity to pre-stage the drive and controls system at our factory in Exeter NH, to complete initial testing and drive system optimization.

Some fundamental benefits separate us from other vendors in complex projects like this one. As the OEM, we have the original documentation for your press. What’s more, there is a likely chance that the technician that engineered, built, or commissioned your press is also going to be on the team that completes your upgrade. Even after hundreds of projects, our team members remember the nuances of your equipment, can plan for the unexpected, and are best prepared to execute flawlessly.

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“It was a pleasure to work with the team at manroland Goss during our M3000 drive and controls upgrade. Our team was impressed by the scale of their test rig and completed a successful installation within weeks.” – Xx Xx, Dingley Press (Title)

Most press and bindery equipment older than 2015 likely has some level of obsolescence. While the various systems are complexly integrated, we offer different approaches to mitigating your risk, including step-by-step upgrades or full system upgrades like the upgrade at The Dingley Press.

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