Rebuild and upgrades of Harris Heidelberg M1000B

Comprehensive rebuild and upgrade of the complete printing press.

June 2022

River Falls, WI


Sometimes, preloved equipment is still the most suitable equipment for getting the job done and that was certainly the case for this Wisconsin Printer.  In fact, it is very common for customers to have us complete comprehensive rebuilds and upgrades on older equipment sometimes exceeding 20 years old.

This project incorporated rebuilding the main mechanical components of the entire press as well as upgrading the drives, controls, and HMI’s.

In preparation for the project, manroland Goss specialists completed an extensive evaluation of the press.  We reviewed the findings with the customer, identifying key areas that would bring the most value to the ongoing operation of the press.

Meticulous planning ensured the project ran smoothly and in the shortest amount of time.  Our team of experts simultaneously worked on the necessary tasks to minimize the downtime required.  Using our OEM parts provided additional security of a plug-and-play installation, optimal performance, and extended lifetime.

Solution Features:

  • Refurbishment of cylinders and housings
  • Replacement of mechanical drive and impressions
  • Rebuild of inking and dampening systems
  • Replacement of printing unit pneumatic and cooling system
  • Rebuild of chill roller mechanical and pneumatic components
  • Replacement of RTF and former
  • Replacement of folder pneumatic system
  • Refurbishment of folding cylinders and chopper
  • Replace diverter, guides, and tapes
  • Upgrade drive and controls to latest of-the-shelf components
  • Retrofit of harmonic drives to latest drive controls technology
  • Retrofit of the press console and HMI’s to the latest controls

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