The PressMonitor from manroland Goss web systems can be used to get a huge load of information out of the daily production. Each person in the print facility has a different interest in figures to improve the daily business. The maintenance team is looking for web breaks and possible reasons for a repeating issue, the print staff is looking for some startup waste figures, speed performance, and/or ink consumption and the management team is looking for money-related figures like press downtime, utilization, and quality performance. All this and much more can easily be viewed with the PressMonitor Basic and its addable modules

The PECOM-X PressMonitor provides your printing system with a complete, long-term memory. The system monitors and analyzes all production processes and supplies the information necessary for process optimization – the basis for your economic success.

Reliable storage: With PECOM-X PressMonitor, operators and management can evaluate ongoing and past production results at any time. The modular analysis and reporting functions can be specifically tailored to customer needs.

The core of the client/server-based system is a central database that stores all relevant production results and key performance figures. The operator sees comprehensive information on the production processes on a user interface. In addition, the operator has access to production and management reports that enable intelligent control of the operational procedures. Generated automatically, the reports can be sent to a defined group of recipients via e-mail.


  • Transparent monitoring throughout the entire production process
  • Everything at a glance: performance data, material consumption, makeready times, deadlines, troubleshooting
  • Supports process optimization
  • User-friendly, with minimal operator effort
  • Integrated production and management reports

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