Omniflow Inking System Universal, Uniliner

Customers looking to rebuild or upgrade their old ink fountains or digital ink packs now have a better choice. OmniFlow is a precision ink delivery system that outperforms other open ink fountains and ink pumping equipment. This simple and reliable system provides the high degree of accuracy that meets the demands of today’s high-quality and cost-conscious printers.

OmniFlow is available as a “drop-in” system that reduces the downtime and extensive labor involved with fountain rebuilds, and can also be used as an upgrade to a stand-alone system with remote color adjustment. OmniFlow also integrates well with certain closed-loop color systems for added performance.


  • All continuous inker (i.e., metering roll & non-ductor presses)
  • Tele-Color II presses also require OmniColor upgrade
  • Non-manroland Goss presses require a stand-alone console
  • The most up-to-date system requires OmniCon upgrade


  • Designs available to fit many manroland Goss presses and other non-manroland Goss presses


  • Provides ink savings over open fountains
  • Faster make-ready
  • Less waste
  • No fountain key wear, no need to recalibrate, and no reliance on metering roll gap settings
  • Delivers ink at an unmatched continuous rate
  • Highly reliable with few moving parts and no high maintenance components
  • Simple field maintenance – it can be exchanged or cleaned in minutes
  • Compact and lighter with 2 zones per pack
  • Color change option is the first of its kind and changes between different ink colors or ink tacks efficiently and in minutes.

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