Ink Key Auto Close S2000, S3000, S4000, PS100, M130, M500, M600

This upgrade utilizes software from the newest version of the Ink Key Control System. It is available as an enhancement to existing Sunday presses that utilize the IKAC (Ink Key Auto Close) feature. This software update ensures that the proper amount of ink will be at the metering roll nip point during start-up, regardless of make-ready and fountain roll speed, even if an operator changes the fountain roll pre-set speed (AAB).

Existing operator interface and hardware are used, and improvements are done through software and automatically occur every time the press is started. No operator training is necessary. The entire upgrade can be done remotely through a VPN connection.

Applicable to any manroland Goss Sunday press installed since 2004 using Omni Make-ready and IKAC (Ink Key Auto Close).


  • Increased print quality and productivity on every start-up
  • Decreases the amount of time and paper to arrive at a stable density
  • Allows first ink key correction sooner, saving paper and ink during each restart

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