Automated Paper Roll Handling System Upgrade

Comprehensive upgrade of unsupported drives and controls in an automated high-bay retrieval system.

November 2021

Indianapolis, IN

Automated high-bay retrieval systems are commonplace across many industries and distribution centers and allow for the efficient storage and retrieval of materials and products.  They typically utilize manned or unmanned robots for retrieval of the stored materials that are controlled by complex drive and controls systems.  The retrieval systems often interface with third-party inventory management systems.

This particular system was built by a company that is no longer in business.  After a few decades of service, the drive and control systems were no longer supported and needed to be replaced due to obsolescence.

Our team developed a streamlined approach that minimized the overall project scope and replaced the non-supported components with the latest off-the-shelf components.  Our solution also allowed for a secure connection to our 24/7 remote support center, providing robust, real-time support for the system.  Additionally, we developed an interface to the roll inventory management system that allowed for enhanced integration features and stable operation of the system.

Solution Features:

  • Replaced robot drives and motors on 3 axis (horizontal, vertical, and shuttle) with Bosch Rexroth Indradrive
  • Replaced obsolete Allen Bradley PLC5 controller with the latest Allen Bradley Compact Logix 1769 PLC
  • Replaced obsolete operator HMI with a new AB 5310 PanelView
  • Replaced wireless communication system
  • Interfaced to the existing reel management control
  • Established remote connection for 24/7 support

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