Congratulations to the team at Bradford & Bigelow on the start-up of their new LITHOMAN 48-page press. This is their second LITHOMAN press installation in 3 years. Bradford & Bigelow specialize in K-12 educational printing and chose LITHOMAN for supporting production of their 4-color workbooks.

The LITHOMAN has a maximum web width of 57.5” and can produce 37,500 48-page signatures per hour. Four printing units are equipped with Dynachange and can produce 4/4 color production, or variations of 1/1 or 2/2 zero-make-ready (ZMR) production. Bradford & Bigelow selected our market-leading inline controls for print register, fanout, density, and cutoff control to support operator tasks, maximize quality throughout the run, and minimize waste. The Baldwin AMS LED-UV drying system includes six light arrays. The intensity of the light can be adjusted to optimize energy usage while drying light to heavy coverage. The fully automated manroland Goss PFC-131 folder has a single chopper rated at 65,000 in non-collect and includes automatic changeover and inline fold quality control.


Lights, cameras, action!

Bradford & Bigelow started up their second LITHOMAN press late last month. The press produces 4-color K-12 educational workbooks.

You might notice the blue light in the video. This is for more than effect. For this installation, Bradford & Bigelow chose to equip the press with a Baldwin AMS LED-UV dryer. The project marks the installation of the fastest LED-UV press in the world at almost 2400 feet per minute!

There are quite some benefits to considering LED-UV drying technology. The press is only 70 feet long, 60 feet shorter than Bradford & Bigelow’s first conventional-heatset LITHOMAN. LED-UV doesn’t create heat, so web growth and fluting are a thing of the past. Make-ready waste is reduced by avoiding the heating cycle of the conventional dryer. The press uses less energy and produces lower emissions thanks to the LED dryer.



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Integrated automation, groundbreaking efficiency, and exceptional production output.

Bradford & Bigelow has a reputation for pioneering new technologies and a culture for nurturing the environment. Their latest LITHOMAN press installation is no exception to their commitment to these core goals.

The new LITHOMAN is equipped with the latest manroland Goss inline controls for print register, fanout, density, and cutoff control. The systems are deeply integrated in the press controls system and complete most of the press operator tasks. Automatic plate loading (APL), automatically changes all 8 plates simultaneously in 2 minutes, significantly reducing effort and make-ready duration. The manroland Goss PFC-131 folder also enjoys plenty of automation including automatic changeover and inline control of the product quality with our revolutionary magnetic brakes in the chopper section. Not only does this reduce make-ready tasks and improve quality, but it allows the single chopper to run at a maximum speed of 65,000 copies per hour! The waste gate is integrated to all of the systems on the press and controlled by PECOM-X to minimize waste during make-ready, splices, washing, and shut down.

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