The Daily Herald chooses manroland Goss for upgrades

Located in Schaumburg Illinois, The Daily Herald has been delivering a quality printed product since 2002 on their manroland Goss web systems’ Regioman press, controlled by the PECOM-X Controls platform. manroland Goss recently upgraded the interbus communications network as part of an electronic migration plan to ensure sustainable production reliability into the future.

This latest project is part of a multi-year program to upgrade components on The Daily Herald’s Regioman press. Focused on mitigating risk, The Daily Herald proactively worked with manroland Goss to design an electronic migration plan that allows them to eliminate obsolescence over time, meanwhile controlling their annual expenditure. 

Don Stamper, Production Director at the Daily Herald was complimentary of the program and the positive impact to their business. “The way that manroland Goss broke this project up into multiple phases allowed us to defer the total cost of the project over multiple years. We were able to create a small compliment of spare parts after each upgrade event, ultimately leaving us with an entirely upgraded press. Migrating the interbus over time alleviated the financial and production pressure of trying to complete the project all at once”.

Stamper also noted the importance of entrusting the project to a vendor that has the expertise to evaluate the entire press and consultatively support them in customizing a project that fitted to their specific needs. “Working with the OEM who built our machine is especially important to us. They made the machine so they know it best and continue to be our number one resource for upgrade support.” 

Project execution is as critical as the solution itself. In a print production environment, there is no room for error and the press must be available for production, often even during the project. “Their familiarity with our operation was a big advantage of the manroland Goss solution”. “They performed the upgrade with no disruption and within the planned timeframe.  The work could not have gone more smoothly” commented Stamper.